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"Ah, woe is me! My feet are itching! Hey, did you know that itch powder really worked? I put some in my sister's shoes two nights ago and yesterday all she could do was hop up and down scratching her toes. It was quite amusing. But now MY feet are itching, and i certainly didn't put itch powder in my shoes!

Gee golly gosh. Hmm, I wonder where that phrase came from anyway. Honestly, who came up with it. Gee golly gosh? Oh well, it's fun to say. Gee golly gosh, maybe if I go take a walk the itch'll go away..." A young kender with a tight top-knot and rainbow colored clothing from a scarf down to socks grins and hops up and down excitedly.

"LET'S GO ON A JOURNEY! I WANNA GO EXPLOOOOOOORING!" The Kender jumps up, dashes into the nearest house, and walks out within 5 minutes, whistling innocently, pockets bulging with an assorted collection of maps and food. She stops, puzzled. "I wonder how this stuff got in my pouches... Oh well! Guess someone decided to help me on my travels!"

The kender straps her pouches securely to her person, grabs her hoopak tightly, twirls around for effect, and marches out of town.

Within 6 hours of steady walking, she has passed out of Kendermore completely. Considering her options, she decides to go north to the great city of Palanthas, where she had heard there was a real easy entrance via a crack in the side wall.

On her way, however, she chances across a beardless elf who she suspected has ran off from home. Elves don't usually leave home until they are substantially grown. "Hey!!" she calls excitedly. "aren't you a bit young to be out here all alone?" she asks, oblivious to her girlish voice and child-like appearance.
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