Nish (obsidian_flame) wrote in red_lunitari,

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Quick, Easy, Painless Rules

Here are the only rules you will ever need to follow in this community.

1.) No flaming other people's posts.
2.) No hate-posts. Don't join just to denounce Dragonlance and everything to do with it. (You wouldn't do that, anyway, would you?)
3.) Please post about things related to Dragonlance. Even if they're only minutely related. (You can post about how this new guy in your school reminds you of Sturm. Umm--just don't make me meet him.)
4.) Always remember that Dragonlance is awesome!!!
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You know what aside from the fact that I chose to be home schooled throughout high school I think I can safely say I've not met anyone who reminds me of Sturm. Plenty of Sarcastic Archmagus's but not one Sturm. Felt drawn to reply to this don't know why? Probably a sign I've stayed up too late and I'm procrastinating writing something. Ah well I've rambled long enough, I'll shut up now I promise.